Transcripts from 2 Taped Calls of Bulgarian Customs Director to Sofia Airport Customs Head, PM Borisov

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Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov (l) and the Head of the Custom's Agency, Vanyo Tanov (r). Photo by BGNES

Transcript from the phone conversation between the Director of the Bulgarian Customs Agency, Vanyo Tanov, and the Sofia Airport Customs Head, Pavel Manchenko.

The transcript is part of the new series of discrediting phone conversations between Tanov and Prime Minister, Boyko Borisov. The tapes have been released in tranches all through January by the Galeria weekly, a paper believed to be the mouthpiece of Aleksei Petrov, former special agent of the State National Security Agency DANS, (currently under house arrest), who has been investigated on organized crime charges since his detention in the much advertised "Operation Octopus" in February 2010.

According to one of the tapes, Borisov instructs Tanov to make sure that Nikolay Vuchev, a friend of his, with whom he often plays football, is brought back to work at Terminal 2 at Sofia airport.

The transcripts are published by as they have been published by Galeria.

Conversation between Vanyo Tanov (VT) and Pavel Manchenko (PM)

PM: Hello, I am listening.

VT: Manchenko, hi. This is Tanov.

PM: I am listening. Good evening.

VT: Is it too late to call?

PM: No problem.

VT: Do you have a person there, Nikolay Metodiev Vuchev?

PM: I do.

VT: Where did you move him?

PM: I think he is from TELK. (Commission dealing with retirement and work conditions for the sick and the disabled.) He is somewhere in the building; I have no recollection... There are 16 of them. He is either with (cannot be heart, some abbreviation) or somewhere else. What should we do with him?

VT: He plays football.

PM: Laughs. Is this so?! Well, the guy is a football player.

VT: Yeah, but where was he before?

PM: He was at the passenger terminal. Terminal 2.

VT: Well, we must bring him back to Terminal 2.

PM: We will on Monday.

VT: OK. Do it Monday first thing.

PM: OK. Fine

VT: OK. Bye.

PM: Bye. Have e nice evening.

Follow-up conversation between Vanyo Tanov (VT) and Boyko Borisov (BB)

VT: Hello, hello?

BB: Yes?
VT: He will be transferred back there on Monday.

BB: OK, thanks a lot; thank you very much. See you.

VT: Bye

At an earlier press conference, Galeria released a tape of a conversation between the Prime Minister and the Customs Director, alleging Borisov provided a cover-up for the owner of the "Ledenika" beer company, Mihail Mihov.

The tapes reveal that the PM had called Tanov with an order to immediately pull the tax agents out of the factory and that the "Ledenika" boss personally complained to the PM.

In another tape, Tanov can be heart telling his Deputy, Antoniy Strandzhev, to keep the documents secure while he is away.

Strandzhev insist the recordings are true and he had such phone conversation with his former boss.

Galeria have also released other discrediting recordings of phone calls between Tanov, Finance Minister, Simeon Djankov, and his Deputy, Vladislav Goranov.

Borisov has slammed the tapes as a manipulated attack against him because of his fight against corruption and the country's former secret services. The prosecutor's office has backed his claim.

An investigation into the authenticity of the tapes is currently underway.

On Wednesday, the Galeria editorial staff informed they have sent the first taped conversation between Borisov and Tanov to be analyzed by independent experts in an unspecified EU country. The results are expected to be announced Friday.

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