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Editorial |Author: Ivan Dikov | June 29, 2009, Monday // 16:42|  views

Less than a week is left before Bulgaria's Parliamentary Elections on July 5, 2009, which are seen as absolutely critical as the country is struggling with the effects of the economic crisis and its self-imposed second-class EU membership.

As the largest Bulgarian English-language media, Novinite.com (Sofia News Agency) realizes its responsibility to provide its readers with a maximum objective and unbiased coverage of the Bulgarian Parliamentary Elections.

If you are among our regular readers, you have probably checked out our special section "ELECTIONS 2009" where we have provided perhaps the most detailed compilation of information in English about the major Bulgarian political parties and leaders, as well as all the latest news and editorial comments on the election topics.

I would like to point out that the Editorial Team of Novinite.com has made every effort to contact representatives of the major Bulgarian political parties asking them for interviews in order to give them the opportunity to address directly our audience because we believe that you, dear readers, are extremely important for Bulgaria in a great variety of ways and fields - ranging from business and foreign investments all the way to Bulgaria's image around the world.

So if there is any major political party that is not represented with at least one interview for Novinite.com, in which some of its top representatives have the opportunity to address you first-hand, this is solely the result of the fact that some of the political forces in Bulgaria lack understanding of the potential importance of the readers of Novinite.com for the country in all aspects of its development...

The sad truth is that certain Bulgarian political parties do fail to appreciate the vastly positive role that could be played by all those foreign citizens and Bulgarians from around the world who care for Bulgaria. Most of the major Bulgarian political forces also fail to provide real political messages, real political platforms, real debates, and real and innovative governance ideas...

Instead, they would content themselves with slipping a BGN 20 bill to an impoverished Bulgarian in the provinces in order to buy their vote (the Roma quarters are notorious for vote-buying but this phenomenon is certainly not confined to them)...

The other sad truth is that, frankly, there seems to be a lot of brown-envelope journalism going on in Bulgaria during elections (especially in the regional media which practically survive on that sort of funding)...

Actually the 2009 elections for European Parliament and National Parliament in Bulgaria even seem to show a different trend - the parties seem to be reducing the money for brown-envelope journalism and redirecting these funds for vote buying...

The bright spot is that at least the readers of Novinite.com are guaranteed to receive the most unbiased political reporting as is humanly possible during the coming elections and the post-election weeks, which are expected to be really hot not just in terms of summer temperatures but also in terms of the political negotiations, backstage deals, etc, for the forming of Bulgaria's new government.

Our main aim remains what it has always been - while we would often give you our own opinions in editorials and featured articles, we strive, first and foremost, to present to your attention all the various viewpoints in order to empower you to understand Bulgaria and make informed judgments about its political and social life.

So stay with us at ELECTIONS 2009

We need your support so Novinite.com can keep delivering news and information about Bulgaria! Thank you!

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