• The Construction of the Bulgarian Route of the Gas Connection with Serbia has Started

    Business » Energy | Feb 1, 2023, Wed
  • President Radev announced who will be the Next Caretaker Prime Minister of Bulgaria

    Politics | Jan 21, 2023, Sat
  • Bulgaria: Bank Accounts will Automatically be converted from BGN to EUR on the Day of Introducing the Euro

    Business » Finance | Jan 21, 2023, Sat
  • Bulgaria’s President: The Nexo Scandal did not influence my Decision when choosing a Party for the Third Mandate

    Politics | Jan 17, 2023, Tue
  • President Radev gave the Third Mandate for a Government to the Bulgarian Socialists

    Politics | Jan 16, 2023, Mon
  • “We Continue the Change” returned the Unfulfilled Second Mandate to Form a Government in Bulgaria

    Politics | Jan 9, 2023, Mon
  • "We Continue the Change" will Return the Second Mandate to Form a Government Unfulfilled

    Politics | Jan 6, 2023, Fri
  • Denkov after Receiving the Second Mandate to form a Government: The Foundation has been Laid

    Politics | Jan 3, 2023, Tue
  • Bulgaria’s President handed over the Second Mandate for a Government to "We Continue the Change"

    Politics | Jan 3, 2023, Tue
  • Bulgaria’s President and Austria’s Chancellor: Guarding the EU's External Borders is Key to tackling Illegal Migration

    Politics | Jan 1, 2023, Sun
  • The New Year’s Speech of Bulgaria’s President Rumen Radev

    Politics | Jan 1, 2023, Sun
  • Bulgaria's President: May Today's Holy Holiday bring Health, Hope and Warmth to every Family

    Politics | Dec 25, 2022, Sun
  • The US included the Election of Radev as President of Bulgaria and BSP in the Russian Disinformation Ecosystem

    Politics | Dec 24, 2022, Sat
  • Bulgaria’s President: The Warmongers in Parliament approved Military Aid for Ukraine

    Politics » Defense | Dec 23, 2022, Fri
  • Leader of the Bulgarian Socialists: If the President doesn’t Veto the Arms for Ukraine, We will appeal to the Constitutional Court

    Politics | Dec 20, 2022, Tue
  • Bulgaria’s President: The Second Mandate to Form a Government will be given in 2023

    Politics | Dec 19, 2022, Mon
  • Radev-Blinken Telephone Call. The US welcomes Bulgaria’s Decision on Military Aid to Ukraine

    Politics | Dec 17, 2022, Sat
  • Bulgarian Deputies rejected the President's Veto on the Electoral Code

    Politics | Dec 16, 2022, Fri
  • President Radev: Bulgaria will be part of Schengen by October 2023

    Politics | Dec 15, 2022, Thu
  • Bulgaria’s President Vetoed changes to the Electoral Code - The Parties are likely to Reject it

    Politics | Dec 14, 2022, Wed