• The Leader of the Bulgarian Socialists complained about Intervention from the Prosecutor’s Office

    Politics | Nov 2, 2022, Wed
  • Bulgaria’s Caretaker Cabinet proposes this year's Budget to be Applied after the New Year

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  • Elections in Bulgaria: BSP will Not Form a Coalition with GERB and its Leader will Not Resign

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  • BSP will decide before the Elections whether they Recognize the Referendums in the Occupied Territories in Ukraine

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  • The Bulgarian Socialist Party: Putin's Decision is a Road leading to a Dead End

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  • BSP Leader Vows to Not Give Weapons to Ukraine If She’s in a Future Cabinet

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  • Kiril Petkov: We have done Terribly Good Things for the People, Ninova is a Great Partner

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  • Former Economy Minister: Bulgaria must hold Immediate Negotiations with "Gazprom"

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  • BSP Leader: Radev has a Male Complex towards the Woman who made him President of Bulgaria

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  • Bulgarian Politics: BSP Officially Returned an Unfulfilled Cabinet Mandate to the President

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  • Bulgaria: Political Reactions after BSP’s Decision to Return the Mandate Unfulfilled

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  • Bulgaria is going to Elections in the Autumn: Tomorrow BSP returns the Mandate Unfulfilled

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  • BSP Postpones the Decision on the Mandate until Tomorrow, Ninova goes to Radev on Friday

    Politics | Jul 25, 2022, Mon
  • “There Is Such a People” were afraid that Rashkov would head the Anti-Corruption Commission and Left the Talks for a New Government

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  • Bulgarian Politics: Chaos and Impending Elections after a Leaked Recording Destroyed the Shaky Coalition

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  • Bulgarian Politics: How Long will BSP hold the Mandate to form a Government

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  • Leader of BSP: Tomorrow we have to Close the First Stage of the Talks

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  • Bulgarian Politics: BSP Declare Readiness to form a Government after meeting with “Democratic Bulgaria”

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