Complete Blockade in front of the Council of Ministers Prepared by Bulgarian Medical Specialists

Society | August 13, 2019, Tuesday // 21:31|  views

A complete blockade in front of the Council of Ministers is being prepared by medical professionals from across the country. The national protest will take place on September 11 in Sofia. This was made clear in a protest in Stara Zagora in support of the fired nurse Maya Ilieva. She was the main organizer of past protests by medical professionals across the country.

The protest was entitled "Not to Fear," and Maya Ilieva was present to thank her colleagues for their support. Before them, she stated that a union of medical professionals should be registered.

"We are all aware of what fear means when you express your opinion. What happened to Maya Ilieva is not a unit, it is a precedent. Everyone who has the courage to speak the truth in Bulgaria, in one way or another, suffers some kind of repression, ”the protesters commented.

According to the group of people, the dismissal of Maya Ilieva is a gross violation of human rights, and the purpose of the protest was to return her to her previous job, where she has 12 years of experience.

"We need to be able to uphold our demands on our own without being scared by employers who allow themselves not to comply with Bulgarian laws, even though we live in a rule of law. I sincerely hope that more and more people will believe in our cause and understand that it is not just about receiving adequate pay. We are striving for better health care, ”said Maya Ilieva in Stara Zagora.