Belgian Woman Survived Six Days in a Crushed Car after a Road Incident

Incidents | August 4, 2019, Sunday // 10:07|  views

The Belgian survived six days in her crushed car after it turned over and no one found her.

The woman spent the hottest period in Belgium's history in the crushed vehicle by the side of a road crammed in the metal debris, according to the Guardian.

The temperature reached 40 degrees, but at one point a storm passed by and Corinne Bastide managed to fill some water in a chewing gum box. Then she sucked the wet bark of a branch to get some water.

Corinne, 45, crashed not far from Liege, but no one saw the wrecked car in chasm by the road.

She told from the hospital room that she tried to cry for help when she heard people were passing, but no one heard the shouts. She was eventually found by friends of her relatives who were traveling around the area to post messages that she had disappeared.