Lufthansa Airbus Suffers Engine Out Above Bulgaria

Incidents | July 27, 2019, Saturday // 09:52|  views

An older A340-300 en-route to Tehran has had to turn back over Sofia, Bulgaria after one of its four engines shut down, reports Simple Flying. 

A Lufthansa flight on it’s way to Iran has had to turn back to Germany after one of its engines disabled halfway to its destination.

The Airbus A340-300 aircraft, owned by Lufthansa and with the registration D-AIFC, was performing flight LH-600 from Frankfurt/Main (Germany) to Tehran Imam Khomeini (Iran). Approx two hours into the journey over the city of Sofia in Bulgaria, the flight deck noticed that the third engine (on the inside track on the right of the aircraft) was surging with power and vibrating.

Concerned, they descended to 34,000 feet and reduced the power to the engine until it stopped vibrating. They determined it was not an emergency and decided to turn around back to Germany to get Lufthansa technicians familiar with the aircraft to give it a look over. It took another two hours to get back to Frankfurt airspace, where the pilots decided to completely shut down the engine during descent. The plane landed successfully.