Bulgaria is the Country with the Largest Income Inequality in the EU

Bulgaria in EU | July 18, 2019, Thursday // 19:30|  views

Bulgaria is the state in the European Union with the greatest income inequality. This is the data of the Eurostat European Statistical Office, with the country taking the first position in the last two years.

In 2017, the 20 percent of the highest earning population in Bulgaria received 8.2 times more money than the 20 percent of the lowest earner. Last year, the difference fell to 7.66 times, but the country remains the first one on this benchmark.

The least is income inequality in the Czech Republic (3.3 times), Slovenia (3.4 times) and Finland (3.6) times. Immediately behind Bulgaria, income inequality ranks Romania (7.2 times) and Latvia (6.8 times).