Today is Father's Day!

Society | June 16, 2019, Sunday // 11:11|  views

Today we celebrate the International Father's Day. Nearly 80 countries in the world celebrate Father's Day on the third Sunday of June.

The aim of the Day is to focus on the benefits of active participation of fathers in children's lives to create a family environment without violence and for the child's full development.

The relationship with the father determines the life of each child. The relationship with his child determines the life of every man.

The relationship between parents determines the life of each family. Sometimes the relationship is like a background - so important that we do not feel it, but just live in it, it builds the world. The relationship changes - sometimes it is strong, sometimes weak; a source of love, a source of pain. We do not need hundreds of research around the world to feel that the relationship is important to all of us (but they also prove it).