70 Cases of Lyme Disease and 30 of Marsh Fever After Tick Bites

Health | June 6, 2019, Thursday // 11:39|  views

"In case of a tick bite we recommend seeking medical attention, especially when it comes to children or when the tick has entered deep into the human skin. It is important to remove it as quickly as possible. Its entire body must be removed, because any disruption of its integrity poses risks. " This was emphasized to the Bulgarian National Radio by Dr. Angel Kunchev, Chief State Health Inspector, regarding the increasing danger of ticks despite the spraying of lawns.

"Because of climate conditions ticks are really more this year, the treatments are not effective because of the daily rainfall."

In the show "Before All," Dr. Kunchev said that up to now, about 70 cases of Lyme disease and about 30 cases of Marsh fever have been reported as a result of a tick bite.

"Compared with last year, we have about 30% fewer cases. This is mainly due to the delay. The pace of growth is now, so we will overtake the last year's number over the next two months. "

Dr. Angel Kunchev recommended using repellents or wearing long sleeves and leggings when going out into nature or for longer stays in lawns, because the tick can not get stuck in the skin this way.

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