KEVR: The Prices of Heating in Bulgaria will Start Rising from July due to the Situation in Iran and Venezuela

Energy | May 29, 2019, Wednesday // 22:54|  views

The complicated situation in Iran and Venezuela and the high carbon prices that have an effect on all energy companies in our country are the reason for the appreciation of prices of the heating from July. This was explained by the Chairman of the Energy and Water Regulation Commission Ivan Ivanov. The price of electricity is consistent with annual inflation, Ivanov said.
As it became clear days after the elections, the KEVR has suggested that the heating in Bulgaria should rise by an average of 4.5 percent, while the electricity - with an average of 3.48 percent. The regulator offers electricity to rise in Western Bulgaria by 3.64 percent. For North Bulgaria, a 3.38 per cent increase is planned.

In southeastern Bulgaria, KEVR believes that the price should be close to 3.6 percent. The most serious rise in heating and hot water is expected in Razgrad, while there should be decrease of a half percent in Sliven. Here are the arguments of the chairman of the energy regulator Ivan Ivanov for the appreciation of the heating:
"This is the sharp rise in the price of carbon dioxide emissions traded on a European platform that reached levels of around 25 euros per tonne of emissions. Secondly, this is the complicated situation, primarily with regard to Iran and Venezuela, which is causing a turbulence in the crude oil market. "

Earlier today, discussions on changes in the Heat Supply Ordinance were discussed. According to the Ombudsman of Bulgaria Maya Manolova, changes in her opinion are mild. Manolova asked what are the arguments for the decision for the residents at one entrance of a compartment building to set a building installation fee within 20 to 40 percent.
"These are suggestions for changes that really do not change anything. They do not solve any of the problems of the citizens with District Heating ".
Not everyone will accept that such a possibility to set a fee for a building installation will ease their heating bills. That is why, according to the chairman of the energy regulator Ivan Ivanov:
 "When the number of users is very high, the fee for a building installation decreases because it is distributed among a larger number of users. If the number is small, it will be high. "
The amendments to the Heat Supply Ordinance come on the eve of the expected final SAC decision for a building installation fee.