Bulgarian Education Ministry Considers Free Education for Certain University Majors

Education | May 19, 2019, Sunday // 10:21|  views

Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science envisaged to regulate free education and additional incentives for these directions in the higher schools, which have the biggest gap between future labor market demand and today's demand for education, next year, said Minister Krasimir Valchev in Momchilovtsi. He attends the celebrations marking the 180th anniversary of the school in the Rhodope village.

Minister Valchev predicts that the additional incentive measures will accept in certain specialties the mathematics, chemical, physical sciences, energy, religion. For a consecutive year, in universities there is a reduction in admissions, but in private ones the drop is much higher, the education minister added. According to him, over the last two or three years, the demographic decline of the late 1990s has reached the same level as higher education graduates, as schools were previously affected by a drop in the number of students.

There is also a smaller reception in public schools, but it also coincides with the ministry's policy of reducing reception and restructuring, Minister Valchev said. The decrease is in these professional fields, where the greatest extent of full liberalization of the intake broke the so- irrational demand for higher education, added the minister of education.

In his assessment, this demand for the diploma itself is primarily in the social, economic and legal sciences. That is why the announced admission is reduced especially in specialties administration and management, economics, law, tourism, national security and others. On the other hand, it is encouraged the admission in the engineering, pedagogical, natural-mathematical, agrarian sciences, Minister Vulchev pointed out.

According to him, the shortage in some engineering professional fields is particularly dramatic. The good news, according to the Education Minister, is that fewer students choose to study abroad, judging by the reduction in issued certificates.