Part of the Repairs in Downtown Sofia are Postponed

Domestic | May 12, 2019, Sunday // 11:09|  views

The repair of two of the central streets in Sofia - Tsar Shishman and September 6 - will be postponed indefinitely. They had to be renewed within the framework of the contract between the municipality and the GP Group for the reconstruction of Graf Ignatiev Street and its adjacent squares - so-called zone 2. According to the initial plans of the municipality the company had to replace the flooring these streets, and the deadline for this was the end of May - early June.

The work on Tsar Shishman Street and part of 6 September Street has not started yet. The reason is that heat exchangers and plumbing infrastructure under the streets need to be replaced before replacing the pavements. This should be done by utility companies -  heating "Toplofikatsiya" and water supply "Sofiyska Voda". However, the heating company has not yet selected a contractor for the repair and delivery of pipes, which requires the postponement of the reconstruction and the pavements, explained Deputy Transport and Budget Mayor Doncho Barbalov on Saturday.

So for now, the repair of these parts of the center is frozen. When it will start work, it is up to Barbalov to make clear the completion of the tendering procedures organized by Toplofikatsiya.

He also explained that new deadlines will be agreed for the repair of these two streets, beyond what has already been set in the GP Group contract. It provides for work on Graf Ignatiev Street and all adjacent squares and streets to be completed within 300 days. This deadline has so far been extended by 89 days due to precipitation last summer and cold weather in the winter. The contract term remains valid for the parts of zone 2 - Graf Ignatiev Street and Slaveikov, Garibaldi and St. Sedmochislenitsi Squares. Work on them should end in a few weeks.

Barbalov explained that there are still a lot of activities to be done, and penalties will be imposed upon delay - 1% per day of the contract value to a maximum of 20% or about 4 million levs.

The delay in the upgrading of Tsar Shishman and September 6 will not result in sanctions for the GP Group as it is not their fault.

Barbalov checked on Saturday the expansion and repair of "Filip Kutev" Street near the mall "Paradise". The drive is expected to be launched on May 24th. In the following years, the municipality will continue the extension of this street, which should reach the Simeonovsko Shose Blvd, and in the long run it will become wider and in the middle have space for the tram.