Rare Medical Case: Health Professionals from Burgas Saved a Child with a Garden Scissor Blade in the Head

Incidents | May 2, 2019, Thursday // 16:58|  views

A 7-year-old boy with a scissor clipped in his head was rescued at the UMHAT-Burgas. This was announced by the press service of the medical establishment.

In the words of the parents, the child fell on the instrument while playing in the garden. The bristled blade passed all over his cheek and leaned against the skull behind the eye. "A few more millimeters and the exit would be fatal," doctors at the hospital said.

Immediately all imaging was done and an emergency surgery team called. After a couple of days recovery in the Resuscitation and ENT wards and yesterday, the boy is at home.

"In my entire 30-year practice, I have not seen such a trauma, I'm likening it to a wartime injury, which injuries are rare today." The blade of the scissors resembles a spear, a bayonet.

In the course of the surgery, it was removed very slowly, the bleeding was controlled, and blood transfusions had to be done, "said Dr. ENT specialist Dr. Daniel Petkov, who performed the surgery.

The happy outcome is the result of the team work of the Emergency Department in the face of Dr. Svetoslav Todorov, the anesthetist Dr. Valentin Kravchenko, as well as the departments of imaging and childhood diseases.
The case will be reported to a medical science forum. The reason for the trauma - the scissor with a size of about 70 cm, is preserved for memory in the ENT department of the Burgas hospital.