The Repair of "Grafa" Street in Central Sofia Extended by 86 Days

Domestic | April 12, 2019, Friday // 13:45|  views

With a minimum of 86 days will be extended the repair of "Graf Ignatiev", for which Sofia citizens have long time ago reconciled that there is no foreseeable end.

The term of the contract, which was concluded in May last year, is 300 days, the municipality explains in response to Sega's questions. This means street work had to end on March 4th.

The company, however, has claimed 110 days for non-working because of bad weather - torrential rains last summer and freezing temperatures during the winter. From the required days to date, building supervision has recognized 86 days for non-working. The calendar indicates that the repair will be completed on May 29 at the earliest. On the site of the municipality, the deadline for the completion of the repair is on May 1. However, Moskovska 33, where is the office of Sofia municipality, neither confirmed this date nor indicated a new one.

The deadline for completing the repair and the recognized days with severe weather conditions is important, because according to the construction contract, GP Group owes 1 per cent of its value for each delayed day, but not more than 20 per cent of the total value, which is almost BGN 24 200 000. It is also noted that in the event of delay of construction by more than 20 days the Sofia Municipality has the right to terminate the contract without notice.

Sega News Agency asked the municipality a series of questions about who would pay for the "shark fins (safety restraints) and gravestone (artistic water wall)" experiments that were not approved and replaced. Clear answer, however, was not provided fro Moskovska.

"Granite limiters have not been implemented so far, so we can not say their price at the moment, but the metropolitan municipality will not pay for their installation and dismantling, which will be at the expense of the contractor, and after dismantling the granite limiters will be used for other purpose, which will be indicated by the competent specialists ", explain from the team of Yordanka Fandakova. From there, they also assure that they will not pay for the water wall, because "it is at the expense of the contractor of the site."


"Spasi Sofia" organization suspected the municipality of pre-election delay of the 82th new buses, which were delivered for the needs of urban transport a few months ago. They are not yet on the go. "Neither the municipality nor the CGM provide an explanation as to why they are in the garage, the Sofia drivers on busy lines such as 11, 78, 88, 280 or 304 also don't have an answer. We would not want to think that buses are being kept for pre-election propaganda and PR , but we expect a clear response when they will be released on the street, "the organization said on Wednesday. They use the case to point out that even in the busiest lines waiting times are unacceptable.