Bulgarian Education Minister: Our most Important Battle is for Good Teachers

Education | March 12, 2019, Tuesday // 11:28|  views

Legislative changes are expected to create additional tools for school attendance and social welfare. This was announced in Stara Zagora by the Minister of Education Krasimir Valchev.

He was categorical that the dynamics of time required a constant modernization of the system, as well as motivation of the teachers, seeking the individual approach. In his words, our most important battle is for good teachers so that we all have good specialists in all other professions.

"That is why teachers are our priority, and the government's decision to double wage increases over a four-year period was key," Valchev said, pointing out that for the first time this year the average teacher's salary exceeded the country's salary.

The minister also said that among the main priorities is to cover the drop outs of the education system. According to him, the result becomes visible when institutions work together and coordinate. "It takes a lot of effort. We will focus on daily attendance, especially where there is a concentration of minority groups, "said Krasimir Valchev at a civic forum on education held in Stara Zagora.

Debate was prompted by four-year education for children in kindergartens, which will give them an equal start in school, working with parents, focusing on high-profile children, building a secured Internet environment, dual learning, and more. Representatives of the Association of Software Companies in Stara Zagora raised the issue of generating IT specialists who are at a good enough level.

"Investing in a better educational base is among the priorities of both the state and the local authorities," said Deputy Speaker Emil Hristov.

Under the "Growing Regions" 2014-2020, repairs and reconstruction, equipment and improvement of the facilities of 16 schools and 5 kindergartens in the Stara Zagora region will be carried out, amounting to BGN 34.6 million. Currently in Stara Zagora and Kazanlak has been renovated and equipped almost 100% of the educational infrastructure.

MEPĀ Eva Maydell recalled that the established "Bulgaria 2030 Education Association" made a commitment in Bulgaria to have no young people without education and everyone to find a successful career. She also pointed to the desired outcome - equal access to quality education, the pupils' results, the relevance of education, the educational macroeconomic environment and others.