Bulgaria is Seeking EU Funding for Another 10 km Underground and at Least 9 Stations in Sofia

Domestic | February 7, 2019, Thursday // 15:28|  views

Bulgaria has prepared a project to finance a new 10 km metro in Sofia and at least 9 metro stations for the next programming period until 2027, said Dr. Angel Jorgov, Deputy Director of the Investment Activity Division at Metropolitan EAD . Three of them will be on "Vladimir Vazov" Blvd., while the other six will be in the direction of the beam. k. Geo Milev to Arena Armeec and Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd near The Mall. As is already known, work is planned to begin in 2021, and the construction will take about four years. There are two more metro stations in the bc. "Lyulin" to the Ring Road. Their construction will take place along with the expansion of Tsaritsa Yoana Blvd., but Jorgov stressed that their funding is far from certain. It is planned, as is well known, an extension of the line from "Business Park" k. "Mladost" to Simeonovski lift.

270 thousand hours a day will be saved for the citizens of Sofia by 2027 thanks to the construction of the three metro rays in Sofia, according to the forecast of "Metropolitan". By 2016 it is estimated that the underground railway saves 115,000 hours a day. It is expected that by 2027 the metro will reach 67 km from 40 km in 2016. With 90 thousand tons the emissions will be reduced in Sofia. From the words of Jorgov it became clear that the construction of the third line goes in time and the metro stations between "Vladimir Vazov" Blvd. "Krasno Selo" will be open until the autumn of 2019. At the moment they are ready to 80%. A total of € 398.18 million was invested in the project, of which € 273.52 million from European funds. The presentation also revealed that the average speed of Sofia's metro is 38 km / h in peak hours, while for cars this speed is up to 24 km / h. Underground railways carry up to 30,000 people per hour.