Archaeologists Found an Ancient Street in the Center of Plovdiv

Archaeology | December 18, 2018, Tuesday // 15:40|  views

An ancient street from ancient Philippopolis was found by archaeologists in the center of Plovdiv. The site provided access to the main square of the Roman city. The street is built of syenite stones that the ancient masters have obtained from the hills in the city.

Archaeological studies areĀ in relation to the reconstruction of the modern Central Square in Plovdiv, under which a large part of the remains of Philipopolis lie today, the Roman street was at the entrance to the ancient square and was built in the middle of the third century.

Maya Martinova, archeologist: The street actually makes access to the commercial part of the city square, the agora, where the main commercial activity takes place. It is a square with open square space, with four-door porticoes and shops in a chain from the east, south and west.
The route was crossed by another street, which was discovered in the 1980s, but is now cleared by archeologists. The new discoveries show the main stages in the construction of the street system of ancient Philippopolis.

Maya Martinova, archeologist: These are the earliest streets, one of them is of thimble. Later, from a river stone, and then we have two street levels that are of these great syenite slabs.
The excavations revealed a well-preserved part of a clay pipeline and a sewerage system. The newly discovered ancient street will be only fragmentarily studied and exposed after the completion of the reconstruction of the modern Plovdiv Square. Next to it will be exposed the remains of columns and the facades that have beautified the ancient buildings of Philippopolis.