Experts: The Damascus Regime is Responsible for Three Sarin Attacks

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Experts from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) have come to the conclusion that the Sarin Negative Para Gas, which was used in the major chemical attack on the Ghouta suburb of the Syrian capital Damascus on August 21, 2013, is from the gas reserves in the army of the Syrian government, said diplomats and scientists to Reuters. This supports the Western allegations that the forces of the Bashar Assad regime are behind this crime, the agency notes.

In laboratory tests, samples gathered from the UN mission in Ghouta after the chemical attack in which hundreds of people died of sarin poisoning were compared to the chemicals transmitted by Damascus to destruction in 2014. Tests found identical "markers" in the samples collected in Ghouta and the other two non-parasitic gas attacks in Han Shaikhoun (Idlib province) on 4 April 2017 and in Han al-Assal (Aleppo province) in March 2013, said two people involved in the tests.

These same results became the basis for the report of the Joint Investigation Mechanism of the OPCW in October 2017, which concluded that the Syrian government was responsible for the Han Shaikhun attack, which killed dozens of people.

The findings about Ghouta, were confirmed by Reuters by two independent diplomatic sources, they were not included in the October report because they were not part of the investigative team's mandate. However, they confirm the claims of the United States, Britain and other Western countries that the government of Assad still owns and uses banned munitions in violation of several UN Security Council resolutions and the Chemical Weapons Convention, according to Reuters.

The OPCW declined to comment on these revelations of the agency. Syria has repeatedly denied having used chemical weapons in the civil war that has been going on for the seventh year, and blames rebel groups for chemical attacks committed in territories under their control.

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